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Soccer Practice

"I first started working with keval around 6 years ago through goalkeeper training. Ever since then we have stayed in regular contact and become good friends...I use him a lot to ask for advice on how to overcome sticky moments in my career that I've had over the last few years. He has given me great tools and advice to get me through those spells. We've had interesting chats about the psych state of a goalkeeper because I think it's such an individual position. He's been great for me and I'm really grateful for what he's done in terms of my career. He's great at what he does. He's played the game so he knows what its like being in your shoes. I highly recommend him and he's a great guy as well."


"I met Keval around 4 years ago at a goalkeeping camp in Portugal that we were both involved in. We instantly got on very well and grew closer throughout the time we spent away together and have kept in contact since. Throughout the years of knowing each other, I have spoken to him about certain situations that I've faced in my career and he has always given me great advice. Whether it be for positives that I have experienced whilst playing, or the negatives that I am trying to deal with. He has always helped me get the best out of each situation we have discussed and he is very good at doing so because he has experience of playing the game. I'm very fortunate to have not only met Keval, but to call him a good friend of mine. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his sort of support, guidance or advice to help get the best out of their situation." 


“Keval and I first began working together at Wycombe Wanderers FC when I was 1st Team Goalkeeping coach there. Since then we have worked together at a number of professional clubs. He has an excellent ability to build strong and trusting relationships with players and management, having a significantly positive impact on performance in a short period of time. For me, he brings a completely new perspective on how we can help footballers perform at the highest level and really grasps the nature of the environments he works in. As someone who struggled massively with the mental side of the game during my playing days, the knowledge and skills he has to offer are second to none. He’s played the game to a high-level unlike others in his field so he really understands the ins and outs of professional sport. He’s fantastic to work with and I could not recommend him highly enough.”  


"About a year ago I was having a bad time and reached out to Keval. We got on brilliantly and he really took interest in what was happening in my game. He really helped me understand my mind and the problems I percieved I was facing so that we could solve the situation together. It's helped massively with my goalkeeping and took me to another level due to his commitment and attention to detail. He really understands what goalkeepers go through because he's been there and played the game." 


"I started working with Keval after I listened to his podcast on Twitter. I knew how to train myself physically and technically, but the mental side of the game was something I struggled to work on and just couldn’t grasp by myself, especially at 19 years old. I used to struggle getting into a focused zone and with pre-game nerves, which would both ultimately affect me playing at my best. With Kevals help I’ve completely changed my Perception of goalkeeping and life for the good. I know how to deal with certain situations better now and how to get into the correct frame of mind to be at my best and happiest in life, and get me to where I want to be. He’s not only helped me become a better athlete but also a better person. I’ve not only gained a sports psychologist, I’ve gained a friend; someone who I can go to about good or bad. I would highly recommend Keval to any ambitious athlete looking to add 10% to their game!"


"As a former academy player and practicing psychologist, Keval provides a combination of experience and professional skill that is of huge benefit to young sportspeople. In the growing field that is sports psychology within football, Keval stands out as a practitioner that has trodden that difficult path for himself and is able to share his knowledge on both a personal and professional level. Having spoken to our U18 squad recently, Keval was able to relay key learning points from his journey, highlighting the challenges and the opportunities that it provided him, and relaying key strategies for growth that the players can implement for themselves. He was able to approach complex topics in a way that resonates with players that are both starting and ending their time as full-time scholars. We look forward to welcoming Keval back to the Academy in the future. With thanks from us all at QPR."


"Keval worked with our apprentices for the duration of the 2020-21 season and his influence on the young players was clear from the beginning. The knock on sports psychologists, particularly in football, tends to be the lack of 'feel' for the athletes due to the practitioners lack of legitimate empathy. With Kev, he has been in the exact position of our players, therefore the rapport he was able to create was telling and this led to an openness and transparency from the individuals he had worked with that we had not seen before. I whole-heartedly endorse Keval and look forward to watching his journey as he progresses within the sport."


"Our son was recently invited to trial with an Academy Football Team but would often struggle to produce his best football. He struggled with confidence issues and significant performance anxiety which would not only impact his performance on the pitch, but also his mood before and after training. Working with Keval has not only allowed our son to cope with his anxiety and develop the mental skills he needs to perform, he has also helped us understand more about how our sons mind operates when he is under pressure, helping us support him on and off the pitch. His insight and knowledge of the football system is second to none, giving us insight into the expectations of coaches and how we can best help our son take his game to the next level. Undoubtedly the best decision we have made and we look forward to continuing our work with him as our son progresses on his journey through Academy football."


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Business Meeting
Soccer Player

"As a novice to the sport of rowing, I was constantly questioning my abilities to perform in competitions. I felt inferior to those around me and would often worry about what other people thought of me because I didn't have the same level of experience that some of the other guys have on the circuit. Working with Keval has been both enjoyable and productive. He has taught me to really understand the way my mind operates under stress, and think logically about why I am having certain thoughts and feelings before I compete. It's nice to talk to someone who genuinely cares about your situation because the mental side of sport is so often overlooked by those supporting the athlete. Working with him is like working with a friend. I can honestly say that without him, I wouldnt be enjoying the sport as much as I am now. "


"I have been a listener to Keval’s Podcast since lockdown last year. Mindset has always been an area of interest, not just in football, but also in day to day life. I saw KP post an advert on Twitter about taking on new clients. I sent my application in and have had a great opportunity to work with him on a regular basis. Our work together has helped me to no end, not just on the pitch, but in day to day life also. He has always been professional about his business and really knows his stuff. I can’t recommend him highly enough to any keeper, no matter what level you’re playing at. I aim to keep building as a goalkeeper and I know for a fact that KP’s work with me will be instrumental in me doing so."


"I met KP a few years back at a goalkeeping camp where he opened my eyes to a new world of thinking about sports. After chatting, we grew closer as we both share a passion and love for the game of golf. We spoke a lot about how being a goalkeeper and a golfer are very similar in terms of mindset. Since returning to the professional golf circuit, KP has been by my side every step of the way and has helped me through various situations I have face both on and off the course. We work as a team and my golf has improved rapidly; sparking a new love for playing the game again. With the knowledge he has from his career in sport and the previous experience of working with high level athletes, I am confident that he can help anyone find their best. I am lucky to call KP a great friend of mind and he is always there with a positive in any situation. This man believes more in me and my ability than I do in myself. I wouldn’t know what to do without him on my side. If you want to become a serious golfer and find those extra wins, this is the man to help you."


"I reached out to KP after a few rough seasons had me considering whether I wanted to carry on playing football due to injuries and inconsistency.  The insight I got was more than I could have anticipated, both from a playing and coaching perspective. KP’s empathy and understanding of goalkeeping and psyhcology has allowed me to have a phenomenal season and even utilise some of his messages in my coaching work with younger aspiring goalkeepers. The feedback from parents has been exceptional and I can’t praise him highlt enough. I’m happier, significantly less anxious and understand myself mentally on the pitch. I can’t thank him enough for his work and he is exceptionally professional and easy to work with. "



"My son was putting an immense amount of pressure on himself and his matchday performance, which led to crippling nerves before matches and unhelpful self criticism afterwards. Kev developed a natural rapport with my son enabling him to feel relaxed discussing his mindset before and after matches.  Kev instinctively understood the challenges facing my son and provided him with a variety of tools to combat unhelpful thoughts, and accepting what he can and cannot control. This has allowed him to play with more freedom, more confidence and with much greater enjoyment of the game which in turn has improved his all round performance in matches."


“I am in high-pressure business, and observing how star athletes in individual sports such as Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal and Max Verstappen manage the tremendous pressure they face, I thought a sport psychologist might help me to face the pressure I have to deal with. When looking for a sport psychologist, I found 7 on the internet. Keval was the only one who had the brains to answer the phone. This it turns out, is Keval’s habit. He is always available and totally reliable. We have been working together for 4 months with tremendous success. Keval showed me how to eliminate the negative self-imposed pressure, how to find relaxed concentration, and how to turn doubt into a sale. My colleagues have noticed the difference. I am enjoying my work more and making more money. Keval delivers.”


"We approached Kev when my son was experiencing issues relating to communication on the pitch. He was getting close to his scholarship decision and he felt it was holding him back from reaching his potential. My son knew Kev from social media, and really valued his content so we felt that contacting him was the next step. Kev was really approachable and offered to help us; outlining how this would look. We didn’t really give him much time to work with us before the scholarship decision, about 3 months, but he was confident he could help and set to work with my son right away. The results were instant. It was as though a door had been unlocked and my son's ability to command his area, communicate and direct the team was incredible. It was like watching a different person. We are extremely grateful to Kev for helping with his mindset and the scholarship was secured!  Having seen how a small shift in mindset made such a huge impact on the pitch we cannot overestimate the value in continuing to work on the psychology side of the game. My son continues to work with Kev to develop in other areas. It really is so valuable to work on the mental aspect of the game, especially when goalkeepers carry so much pressure and expectation on the pitch."



"I decided to start working with Keval because I wanted to find a way of continuing to improve as a goalkeeper, whilst being out of the team and not playing games. I wanted to work with a psychologist who has experienced the struggles of being a goalkeeper themselves, whilst also having the knowledge and tools to deal with these situations. Keval ticked both of these boxes. Keval is also a great guy; nonjudgmental and understanding, which made it easy to show vulnerability and asses how he could help me. What I loved about working with Keval is how he explained the theory in a simplistic and understandable way; then giving me the tools and actions I could take onto the football pitch. I would highly recommend the him to any goalkeeper looking to improve their game."


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