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WHY should goalkeeper's work with a performance psychologist?

With goalkeeping being one of the most mentally demanding positions on a football pitch, it is becoming increasingly important for goalkeepers at all levels to understand how their mind operates under pressure and know how to apply mental skills to improve their performances on the pitch.


We know from experience that mindset tends to be the defining factor in the career of a goalkeepeer, the games most established and high-performance goalkeepers are beginning to understand the benefits of working with a psychologist when trying to forge and sustain a career in the modern game. At KNP Sport Psychology, we empower goalkeepers with the tools to perform and maximise the oppotunities presented to them. 


The goalkeepers we support tend to be:

  • Struggling with confidence issues which are preventing them from playing consistently throughout the course of a season. Confidence issues tend to be related to fear of mistakes and judgement which can lead to loss of form. Together we develop mental skills to allow you to play with confidence over the course of 40+ matches.

  • Professionals who are looking to develop mental skills that they can apply to training, match preparation and performances. Professional goalkeeper's are beginning to recognise the importance of the mental side of the game. We work with professionals from the highest level to maximise their performance and upgrade their mindset. 

  • Goalkeepers going out on loan to get 1st Team experience and matches. Going out on loan can be psychologically challenging with different levels of expectation and having to build meaningful relationships in the dressing room quickly. We work together to develop a mental framework to help you maximise the opportunities presented to you.  

  • Non-league and Academy goalkeepers who want frequent psychological support to deal with the challenges and adversity football presents at those levels. 

Goalkeeper Psychology sessions involve the goalkeeper and psychologist working in a 1-to-1 capacity. We work with goalkeepers at all levels from the age of 10 upwards, and also tailor session to the demands of the level the goalkeeper is currently playing at. Additionally, we support a number of goalkeeper coaches looking to integrate psychology into their coaching delivery and philosophy.


How Support Works

Professional and elite goalkeepers typically want support throughout the course of a season and is scheduled around their training and matches. Non-league and academy goalkeepers tend to request fortnightly support over the course of a few months to learn the fundamental skills and principles. Amateur goalkeepers on average tend to request 5 to 6 sessions which are delivered on a fortnightly basis. We use cognitive-behaviour and solutions-focused approaches which help goalkeepers understand the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This empowers the goalkeeper to know when to apply skills on and off the pitch. Additionally, the solutions-focused approach teaches goalkeepers to become active problem-solvers to help them cope with the high-demands of the football environment. All skills and techniques delivered learned in these sessions are designed to enhance wel'being and performance to empower goalkeepers to thrive under pressure. 


Goalkeeper Testimonials


“Keval and I first began working together at Wycombe Wanderers FC when I was 1st Team Goalkeeping coach there. Since then we have worked together at a number of professional clubs. He has an excellent ability to build strong and trusting relationships with players and management, having a significantly positive impact on performance in a short period of time. For me, he brings a completely new perspective on how we can help footballers perform at the highest level and really grasps the nature of the environments he works in. As someone who struggled massively with the mental side of the game during my playing days, the knowledge and skills he has to offer are second to none. He’s played the game to a high-level unlike others in his field so he really understands the ins and outs of professional sport. He’s fantastic to work with and I could not recommend him highly enough.”  


"About a year ago I was having a bad time and reached out to Keval. We got on brilliantly and he really took interest in what was happening in my game. He really helped me understand my mind and the problems I percieved I was facing so that we could solve the situation together. It's helped massively with my goalkeeping and took me to another level due to his commitment and attention to detail. He really understands what goalkeepers go through because he's been there and played the game." 




"I started working with Keval after I listened to his podcast on Twitter. I knew how to train myself physically and technically, but the mental side of the game was something I struggled to work on and just couldn’t grasp by myself, especially at 19 years old. I used to struggle getting into a focused zone and with pre-game nerves, which would both ultimately affect me playing at my best. With Kevals help I’ve completely changed my Perception of goalkeeping and life for the good. I know how to deal with certain situations better now and how to get into the correct frame of mind to be at my best and happiest in life, and get me to where I want to be. He’s not only helped me become a better athlete but also a better person. I’ve not only gained a sports psychologist, I’ve gained a friend; someone who I can go to about good or bad. I would highly recommend Keval to any ambitious athlete looking to add 10% to their game!"



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