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I met KP a few years back at a goalkeeping camp where he opened my eyes to a new world of thinking about sports. After chatting, we grew closer as we both share a passion and love for the game of golf. We spoke a lot about how being a goalkeeper and a golfer are very similar in terms of mindset. Since returning to the professional golf circuit, KP has been by my side every step of the way and has helped me through various situations I have face both on and off the course. We work as a team and has improved my golf rapidly; sparking a new love for playing the game again. With the knowledge this man has from his career in sport and the previous experience of working with high level athletes, I am confident that he can help anyone find their best. I am lucky to call KP a great friend of mind and he is always there with a positive in any situation. This man believes more in me and my ability than I do in myself. I wouldn’t know what to do without him on my side. If you want to become a serious golfer and find those extra wins, this is the man to help you.


"I was never really aware of the mental side of golf until I began competing in competitions. The pressure and stress I felt competing led me to develop the yips where I physically couldn’t hit a good tee shot. This affected me for some time and would often ruin my chances of playing well. Working with Keval has enhanced my inner game and allowed me to manage my emotional state on the course. He uses really simple but effective strategies which significantly impact your performance in a short period of time. In a sport where psychology is heavily embedded in the game, he really has a good appreciation of how to engage the athlete and come up with methods they can use on a day-to-day basis to make the marginal gains needed for elite performance."




Online GOLF 

Individual Golf Psychology sessions over video conferencing for 55 MINS


Golf Psychology session in London or we travel to you dependant on location

BLOCK OF goalkeeper psychology SESSIONS

Get in touch to book a block of 5 Golf Psychology sessions


Performance observation and caddy service during competitions


WHY should GOLFER's work with a performance psychologist?

Golf is arguably one of the most mentally demanding sports in the world. With the small margin for error and the pressure behind every shot meaning something, it is becoming increasingly important for players not only to understand how to be in control of their thoughts and feelings, but how to use mental strategies to perform under pressure and go as low as possible to achieve the results they are aiming for. 

With the standard of golf being played across amateurs and professionals improving yearly, there has never been a better time for amateurs and professionals to add a performance psychologist to their support team. 

Working with a psychologist in golf is like hitting balls on the are training your mind to cope with the pressure of competition so that when it matters, you have the tools to maximise the opportunities presented to you. 

At KNP Sport Psychology, we appreciate the demands faced by players at all levels, which is why we adapt our services to suit your needs.

How Support Works

Professional and elite golfers tend to want support throughout the course of the season and sessions are scheduled around their competition and travel plans. Amateur and young aspiring professional typically request fortnightly support over the course of a few months to identify focus areas and learn individually tailored mental skills. When working with players, we use a combination of ​cognitive-behavioural and solutions-focused approaches so that players understand how their mind operates under competition pressure. By helping players understand their strengths, we empower them to become active problem solvers out there on the course so they can find solutions to performance blocks. All sessions are delivered to meet the players needs. 



Performance observation can allow psychologists to asses mental performance under the pressure of competition. At KNP Sport Psychology, we like to offer professional players a caddy service for tournaments where we can combine performance observation with relationship building. This service is designed for players who have been working with us and want the comfort of having a mental coach on the bag during competition. ​


The Players we support are:

  • Players currently dealing with performance blocks which are preventing them from playing consistent golf and going low. These performance block range in nature, from confidence issues to performance anxiety and first tee nerves. We work together to create simple mental strategies to help you perform under pressure.

  • Professional players on various professional tours looking to make marginal gains in scoring consistency and progress to higher level tours. We work together over a period of time to develop a tailored mental framework to help you achieve peak performance.

  • Amateur golfers who are looking to lower their handicap and improve performance in club competitions. We work together and develop mental skills which can be easily applied on the golf course and in your practice time.

  • Caddy's looking to integrate psychology into their service delivery on the course. With caddies becoming more influential in the mindset of a golfer, psychology can help caddy's know when, where and what information to give their players.

Golf Psychology sessions involve the player and psychologist working together in a 1-to-1 capacity. We work with players of all levels from 10 upwards. For professional players, support can also involve working with the extended performance team including the swing coach, S&C, management etc. 


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