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At KNP Sport Psychology, we combine real world lived experience in sport with research and knowledge from the latest scientific literature; giving you the tools you need to excel and perform when it matters. We believe in giving athletes pragmatic and realistic tools tailored to their sport - theres nothing worse than being given advice that you don't believe in. 

Our approach uses a mixture of cognitive-behavioural and solutions-focused psychology. These approaches are designed to helping the athlete understand the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and teaching them to be effective problem-solvers so that under the pressure and stress of competition, they have a mindset built for performance. 

With experience delivering support across multiple sports, we pride ourselves in developing athletes to the highest level on and off the pitch to meet the growing demands of sport. 

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Having worked with professional footballers, Olympic hopefuls and Boxers, Keval works with athletes from all sports, teaching them the critical skills needed to perform under pressure and play with confidence. 

Sport Psychology


Sport Psychology

With 16 years experience as a goalkeeper in academy non-league and professional football and having supported professional goalkeepers internationally, Keval works with goalkeepers from all levels; helping them take back control of their mind and play with consistency



goalkeeper psychology

With experience working on the college and professional tours, Keval works with professional and amateur golfers, helping them develop a resilient mindset to maximise the oppotunities presented to them. 




Sport Psychology

Mental and Psychological skills are often what separates high-performance from mediocre athletes. Keval delivers group workshops tailored around multiple sports to teach athletes the critical skills to reach peak performance. 

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Sport Psychology is a growing pehnomenon in the world of sport. With growing interest comes curiosity from a range of audiences. To communicate these messgaes, Keval does podcast appearences and resource creation for various clients across multiple sports. To request a resources, please contact with details about the nature of content or resources needed. 

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